Monday, March 23, 2015

Celebrating Friends

We were able to take part of two great celebrations this weekend. Above is my dear friend Susie and her new baby Luke. Luke was adopted and born between Christmas and New Years. Adoption is such a special picture of God's grace and plan for us. Susie and her husband, Jeff, are so grateful to have their second baby through adoption. We had a Baby "Sprinkle" for her to celebrate his arrival. 

Below is my sweet, genuine friend Jen and her family. We celebrated her birthday with her Saturday night. While we could not participate in the ski day (I am clearly not skiing this winter and Justin has a bum ankle), we did get to join for the dinner and ice cream part! A new tradition with this group of friends is to have everyone share one thing that they are thankful for regarding the birthday person! What a great tradition and way to fill each other's love tanks! 

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