Friday, March 6, 2015

Macy's Princess Party

Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, and Bella

You can tell by these faces that we had a great princess party for Macy's 3rd birthday! Another early celebration for my April 8th baby. We didn't want to miss out on the fun if we were in the hospital with Baby 3. 

The Set Up
We just went pink, purple and teal princess all around! Macy loved the set up, especially the little cups and forks. All of the sweets were for sure a special treat.  

The Greetings
Macy loved her new Cinderella outfit! We laid out all her princess dolls together before the girls came over. Macklin was in charge of "welcoming the princesses to the castle" while Macy picked out the doll they were dressed like and gave it to them for a little play time. She enjoyed this! 

Food & Play Time
We enjoyed some popcorn as a morning snack before setting off to play. The girls played so well together as I made our lunch. At one point I didn't hear Macy and her buddy Aliyah. I found them on Macy's bottom bunk, snuggled up and reading princess precious! For lunch the girls picked our their favorite cookie-cutter shape and we had PBJs along with yogurt and strawberries. Tea (aka Kool-Aid) to drink and cupcakes for dessert finished off our tea party! 

Macklin was dressed to impress and helped me be a server for the tea party. 

Even Macklin enjoyed our tiny drinks after his duties were complete! 

Happy Birthday, Macy! 
So many cute ones that I had to post all of them! 

Daddy came home for lunch to see his Princess! 

Present Time
I just had to show off these cute pics of the girls and their gifts. Ella gave Macy a "Mermaid Blanket." Seriously, soooo cute! If you search for it on Pinterest, you can find lots of ideas. But I had never heard of such a cute thing and Macy loves it. She also got a collection of princess books and a Snow White doll! She was in heaven and asking when her next birthday will be! 

 Thank you to these lovely princesses that helped make Macy's birthday extra special! 

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