Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby 3 Update

A popular questions in my world these days are...

"When are you going to pop?"
"Gosh, when is your due date?"
"Anything changing for you lately?"

At two weeks out from our due date, we are nearing the end of this pregnancy and anticipate the arrival of our baby girl soon! I had the last two babies on their due dates, so I am not "expecting" for this one to come earlier, but I am prepared for anything. 

I was able to spend a good amount of time last weekend pulling out baby gear, getting the baby nook ready again (yes, it is being revived...where my office is going is another unknown though), trying to finish the kids room with accessories, and prepping all around. I do feel much more comfortable now than last week, but I have yet to pack my hospital bag. 

There will always be a few more things to do around the house, but the honest truth is...I would be fine with the arrival of our little one any time. Baby 3 is much less stressful than the other two. You know you will survive fine with what you have. Chores will still be here when you get home whether you worked hard before you left or not. 

My main efforts are to put in my time coaching track and be as helpful as possible. And, not in this order, enjoy my two precious kids that I have here before things get crazy! 

As a sidenote, I am feeling great. After hurting my back on our little cabin trip, I am finally feeling better, 4 weeks later. I have had three physical therapy appointments. The PT along with time is helping my cause. I am able to squat and move without pain. I still cannot walk fast or run, but that will come in time. 

With spirits high and my body feeling well, I head into my 38 week appointment tomorrow! Keep everyone posted on any changes. 

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