Monday, March 30, 2015

Molly Meets the Family

Family of Five

That moment when your two big kids meet their new baby sister....

We waited until Saturday morning to have the kids come meet each other. I honestly couldn't wait for the moment! Seriously one of the best gift you can give your kids is siblings. I am over-the-moon excited for Macy to have a sister, since I didn't. I am pumped for Macklin to watch over two precious girls as they grow up together. 

I had these super cute Big Brother/Big Sister shirts ordered from Etsy (I didn't give them a good review due to timing, but the shirts are cute), but with the early arrival of little Miss Molly, and the shop's super late shipping, they did not arrive in time. Family pics in these shirts to come! 

On to the was so fun to watch the kids come into the room with Daniel (whom we are so grateful to have in our life!). You can see the video of the meeting above. It is hard to hear, but Macy's first question was "Is this MY baby?" It was awesome! They both thought she was awesome, but it didn't take Mack long to notice the construction vehicles outside our window :)

Macy was the first one that wanted to hold Molly! She did a great job and was beaming! 

Then Macklin wanted to get in on the action. 

They loved looking at all of her tiny parts. 
My favorite line of the day was...
Macy: "Macklin, stop poking her....I LOVE her!" 

Daniel got his snuggle time in! 

Then, about 45 minutes later, Mimi and Papa arrived from St. Louis! They have seen every grand baby in the hospital...kinda an impressive feat for being 14 hours away! 

After Mimi and Papa and the kids had been contained in the room enough, we had lunch and they took the kids home for the afternoon. After dinner, they came back for more baby time! We wanted to visit with mom and dad, but they were watching M&M. So we promised the kids a movie night when they came back! 

More snuggles and family pictures.  

Molly's First Movie Night

The kids totally dug it and it gave us a calm time to visit! 

Yay for everyone getting a chance to meet - this is what I was waiting for over the past nine months! 

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