Sunday, March 8, 2015

Feb/March Happenings

Macy & Bradley
We had Kari and Bradley over for lunch last week and Macy enjoyed making baby Bradley laugh! So precious. Signs of a good big sister to come???

Free Family Fun Fair
We love our town and all of the fun free things it has to offer families! The FFFF is a great annual event that we look forward to. Macy got her first full-face painting done...but she didn't like it! These smiles were gone quickly as other friends commented on it. She eventually said, "Mommy, can you take my kitty off? I don't like it." She was so self-conscious about we whipped it off. 

McFarland USA
A quote I heard a lot this month was..."McFarland USA made cross country look cool!" What? We don't need a movie to make XC look good! This crew below already knows that! We went as a team on opening weekend. It was probably the most fun I have had watching a movie in a while! Now we are ready and pumped for track season! 

Track Season
We have begun! Bring on the snow and cold weather, just in time for track practice. Our kids have been troopers in the first two weeks though. I am maintaining my job as co-head coach until the baby arrives! 

Macklin Does Ski School
One of the local home-school moms organized a Learn to Ski day for our little ones! Normally this program is only offered through the local schools. It is $37 for two days of ski school! What a deal! Average ski school is about $120 a day. Even though the first day was hard and tiring for Macklin, he really enjoyed the second day (after stuffing his pockets full of candy!). I am glad that he had the opportunity from Vail Resorts. 

 Maternity Pictures
We were able to do some maternity pictures in the snow with Cara Leonard! Can't wait to get them back in a few weeks! 

It is not coming very often to Gypsum nor is it staying very long, but we had a few inches last week that made the town look beautiful! 

Art Work
Macy colored the pic on the left. She is focusing for a longer period of time on her art. (Note: I colored the top bird and bottom trees, but then she did the rest.) I am just impressed that she colored most of the paper in. Macklin did the one on the right. His drawings keep getting more and more detailed. 

Cute Kiddos

Sunny Day
Snow last week and sunshine and 50s this week. Picnic time! 

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