Monday, March 23, 2015

New Sectional

Here is the set up that we have had for the past 6 years on our house:

Now we got our new couch and it is time for some redecorating! Just in time for the babies arrival. We really have been in need of a sleeper sofa and we were blessed to have found the perfect fit! We ordered a custom sectional from Mountain Living Furniture right here in Gypsum. They were so great at helping us pick out what would be just right for us. We chose a Jonathan Lewis three-piece (chaise, full sleeper, and corner piece) sectional. 

Cleaning Up 


Sleeper in Action

 Looking Good

After a big shopping trip for potential accessories....

New Curtains 

Rug #1

Rug #2

Out with the red and in with the blue! So excited to see it come together. We have to decide on the pillows, rug, coffee table/ottoman, TV stand, china cabinet, lighting/new lamp and kids toy area/potential desk space! So many fun things to think about. I just want to get settled and enjoy our space :) Post pictures when we are all done! 

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