Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aquarium Trip

On Monday, we were having a little bit of cabin fever. We had planned to go backpacking, but the weather was rain, rain, and more rain. So we decided that our first backpacking trip with Macklin would have to wait until the fortcast looked brighter. Here we were, it was spring break and we are just sitting around. I texting with the Brummers and they said that they were in Denver at the Aquarium. I said, "Justin that is a good reason to go to Denver...the Aquarium! We should take Macklin there sometime." He said, "Let's go today. Want to?" And then we were off for Macklin's first trip to the Denver Aquarium! It was a blast and we even got a buy one, get one free coupon for signing up for the weekly emails on our way out the door!

Macklin thought it was pretty darn cool!

We got to watch a suba diver do some cleaning :)

My favorite picture from the day! Holy shark!

We ended the visit with a little aquatic petting zoo!

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