Saturday, April 23, 2011


We have started to stain the fence! Justin has been wanting to get it done and he made some good progress over spring break! The only problem....he got rained out and couldn't finish it! It has been raining so much lately! I was pretty content with it not stained after Justin built the whole thing last summer. But now that it is stained, it looks so much better! Amazing!

Just getting started
(side note --- see that grass...yah, that is only outside the fence...
that is THIS summers project...grass everywhere!)
Carden was helping Justin!

We choose a color that would be close to our little covered porch!

In other house news, Justin also finished painting the trim work in the kitchen! Yah! After our counters were installed in 2009, we just never did the touch up! Amazing what that does for ya! I love it! Thanks to my wonderful hubby!

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