Friday, April 29, 2011

Where are you Spring????

Dear Clouds Above Gypsum,
Please go away. I prefer if you would stop bringing precipitation on a daily basis. In case you didn't know, it is April 29th. This is way too late to see you on a regular basis, especially when you are filled with rain and snow to dump down on us. I would like your counterpart, the sun, to make its presence known more. My child would like to go for walks and play in the park, but it is difficult when you are around. the random flowers that do come up in my yard would like to bloom but you keep preventing that from happening. My husband is getting annoyed that he cannot finish staining our fence and go rock climbing...he is getting a bit antsy inside. Also, I have too many track workout pages that are all wrinkly because you bring your rain between 3-6pm everyday. Please consider my request and go away for a little while!
The Brandts

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