Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of Summer

The end of summer brings about many changes for the Brandts...

-Justin heads back to school...teaching a new class (Physics)
-Justin does not have to do Link Crew this year (woohoo)
-Melinda is in full swing with XC (first meet Friday)
-Macklin gets to spend most of the day with mommy and the afternoons with daddy
-MOPS is starting back up soon (Pool Party next week, starts every other week in Oct)
-New routines come for Melinda and Macklin (hopefully working well, more to come)
-Melinda's birthday has passed and Justin's is coming up (Thursday)
-We look forward to the leaves changing to their beautiful yellow
-Visitors begin to come again (Grandma next week!!!, Grandpa and Mema in Nov, Kevin in Dec and we will go to STL in Oct for a wedding)

Here are a few recent pics.

Macklin eating at the opening of the Walking Mountains Science School in Avon.

I just couldn't pass up this shirt last week at Target!

Another yummy meal made by Carden - Eggs Scrambled with Home Squeezed Orange Juice!

Munching on some delicious corn tonight!

Playing at the park

Walking around in Daddy's shoes

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