Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday Blessings

What a busy and full day Saturday was! Good thing God has my number and made sure I was around town for all of this (FYI-I found out at 12:30am Friday morning that my conference for the weekend was actually NEXT week! Silly me!)

It started off great as I shared a special breakfast with some of my favorite high school friends. Two of the girls decided that they wanted to have a sleepover with all the upperclassmen girls that went to Castaway to talk about how to be leaders this fall at school --- what an awesome idea! They pulled it off in incredible fashion! They spent the night encouraging one another through compliment/admiration cards (write what you love about everyone on a card that they can take home) and personalized notes to each other. Then they made goals for the year based on various Bible verses that focus on creating an "Unshakable Kingdom" for Jesus! What sweet hearts these girls have and how I do love them! They ended the event with a delicious breakfast prepared by one of the girls grandmas! It was a night that I could not have ever dreamed of when we started our ministry out here 4 years ago. I have always said I wanted to get better at empowering girls to lead as I feel like I am not good in that area. Good thing God has got it under control. This is going to be a good year!

Pray for this group of young women please!
(included are us 3 leaders who were invited for breakfast)

Little goodies they made to take home!

Our day continued in awesome fashion as we went to Ben 1st birthday party! Justin and I taught with Ben's mom, Amberly, at EVHS for a year. Now our babies are close in age! Macklin had a blast getting super wet and eating everything!

Look at that cake! It's a huge 1 if you can't tell!
Cutie pie Ben eating his melon-blueberry cake!

Our day ended by having dinner with an old colleague of mine in Edwards. Jana (and her son and daughter) came out for a family wedding in Vail and did a great job communicating with me so we could get together. I had such a great first year of teaching at Jefferson City High School in Missouri and continue to be grateful for the relationships that formed that year in the math department!

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