Monday, August 1, 2011

5th Anniversary Trip

Note: I took some great pics on our nice camera before we left, but I have yet to put them on my computer. So, more to come soon!

Last week we actually got to celebrate our 5th anniversary together. Our actual date was during our Young Life camp trip, so we waited until we got back. Since it was an odd year, it was Justin's turn to plan the trip. We wanted to try to take Macklin backpacking for the first time to see what it would be like. We headed south past Sylvan Lake out of Eagle and actually stayed in the county lines. We started at Woods Lake and hiked the 2.5 miles back to Eagle Lake to camp. It turned out the be a great trip overall. Macklin was at A+ status through the first day. He hiked well, was excited to get to the camp, was a little too excited about the water (it was hard to keep him around camp as he wanted to keep going towards the lake), played in the lake, eat some lasagna for dinner, and was getting tired. We tried to put him down while it was still light outside, but that was a huge fail. He eventually went down on his own after it got dark. Sleep was a bit restless as it was warm outside, Mack was sleeping in my space, etc. I eventually awoke after a sleepless night when Macklin literally butt-dropped my head! He was then a bit crabby through the morning, but eventually fell asleep on the hike back.

We learned that backpacking with a baby is possible!

Oh yah, can't forget this anniversary gift! Justin spoiled me with a b solitare eautifuldiamond necklace! It was a family diamond from his mom that she was excited to hand down. My sweet husband wanted to wait a while to give it to me and it made the day perfect! I totally loved it and have hardly taken it off since!

The scenery was awesome!

Baxter with his pack! He actually carried like 10-15lbs for us!

I was going to delete this pic, but it just makes me laugh every time I see it and depects our attitudes at the moment I woke up.

Looks uncomfortable but he was out!
My husband is the best man out there! I am so blessed to have him in my life and can only pray for only 55+ years with him!

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