Friday, August 12, 2011

Sleeping Update

Mack is still having trouble with the naps and such, but we did make a breakthrough yesterday! He (of course) didn't want to sleep in the morning (and is doing better about being less crabby) so I put him down at 1245ish for his nap. He went down fine but then woke up at 1:35!!! That is totally not ok for Mack or mommy! It really seemed like he was still tired though. So we just sat in his chair in his room, lights still off, and just snuggled (a rare feet for my active boy). I ended up singing to him, rubbing his back, and just rocking him and then took the risk of putting him back to be 20 minutes later. And....IT WORKED! He was still tired! He then slept until 4:15!!!! So, I think there is the possibility to sleep longer in the afternoon, which I could be ok with! Progress, that is all I am asking for!

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