Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Circus

First off, my new favorite picture of Macklin...such a serious look!

Tonight I drug all my boys to a circus so that Macklin could experience one for the first time. Well, I tagged this post as an "adventure" and it sure was that! We paid $12 a ticket (thankfully not for Mack) to see a super low budget circus...Ameican Crown Circus. Lesson learned and fun was had, but we will probably not need to go back. Here are a few of the acts!

Here is the whole deal. Check out all the people :) Anyway, we had the whole bleachers we were in filled because it was in the shade. This guy could balance on this board and even jumped rope while doing it! Definitely not something I could do!

This girl did 15 hoola hoops at once!

Same girl from above now riding a unicycle on a platform and then she jumps up these stairs!
Also very impressive!

This was seriously the best act....
This guy put out three stuffed animals inside the ring. He pretended to wind up the first two, and then proceeded to kick them out of the ring (for real, it was strange). So then he wound up the elephant and it started walking around the ring. We were like, "Wow, that is a sweet robot. It really looks real!"

Then it came back around and fell over like below. But it was just so real looking, we were confused. The man in the ring then propped it back up and it took another lap. At this point we realized that is was definitely something living, but it was weird. It would stand SOOO still while it was not moving. In the end, the man took off the suit and it was a little schnauzer dog! It was so well trained and we were totally impressed!

So that is the circus!
Thanks for reading about our adventures!

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