Thursday, July 5, 2012

Almost Done Packing....

We are headed to St Louis early tomorrow morning! Our flight leaves Eagle at 8am and we arrive in St Louis in the early afternoon. We are excited to go see family, we meaning Melinda, Mack and Macy. Justin will be taking our dear high school friends (58 of them at the moment from the Vail Valley) to Lost Canyon Young Life Camp starting on Sunday. Instead of driving myself crazy here at the house, I decided (with some encouragement from grandparents) that I should take the kids to St. Louis. 

Some things we are looking forward to....
-Camping weekend with the Spragues
-Mack getting to actually play with his cousins Ally and Liv for an extended period of time!
-Talking about our Hawaii vacation
-Spending many days with Grandma
-Possibly going to the zoo and pool with Grandma
-Having an ice cream party for all Grandma's friends and family (and some of our friends) to meet Macy
-Playing at Mema's family farm
-Playing at Grandpa's country club pool
-Eating tons of yummy food that I am not totally responsible for preparing :)
-Having Zuke meet Macy and hopefully some other friends meet her too! 

Just tying up some loose ends and headed to bed! 
See you soon, St Louis. Now, could you just go easy on the humidity for me please? 

By the way, we had a GREAT fourth today! But, I packed the camera before taking the pics off of it. Coming soon. 

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