Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Johnson Shut-Ins

The first leg of our St. Louis journey was a trip to Johnson Shut-Ins near Farmington, MO. My brother John and his family are turning this into an annual trip and we were so happy to join him this year. My parents were crucial in making this happen for us - so thank you! My sister-in-laws brother Scott and his family joined as well. It was a super fun weekend filled with lots of laughs, water, and family! 

The Whole Crew

Meeting Macy
Everyone got to take their turn at holding Macy. This her first time to meet everyone except my parents. 


The Shut-Ins
Shut-ins are created when a river goes through a narrow gorge and the rocks are still visible. These shut-ins are so fun! All of the rocks create cool slides and holes in the water. There are places to jump off and slide down and swim in. Totally a natural playground for people of all ages!
One unqiue thing about this park is that in December 2005 there was a breach of the reservoir near the park. It released 1.3 billon gallons of water through the park in just 12 minutes and deposited tons of sand, trees, concrete, and other debris throughout the park. This is a cool site that I found to show before and after pictures. Everything has been rebuilt and even more has been added and it is quite a beautiful spot now! 


The area without trees is where the water came through. 

Other Events 
One of the other things we did while we were at the Shut-Ins was listen to a "Birds or Prey" event at the park. They had lots of different types of birds (not all birds of prey) to show us. The most memorable was this vulture that they had fly right over our heads (like seriously the wings hit me!). 

We also did a 2.5 mile hike with the whole crew (and no back pack for Macklin) to see a view of the reservoir. 

What a great way to hike...being carried by Mimi drinking the water out of your backpack that Mimi is carrying for you. I think Mimi was a bit wet after this hike. 


Yes, I camped with two babies! This was Macys second time in a tent in three short months! This time we did the pack n play in the tent and me and Macklin on the ground. 

Below is what happens when you zip your toddler inside a tent for a nap....but forget to take your melting chocalate bar away! No napping and lots of chocolatey fingers (and face!). 

Fun Family Pictures


John made our dinner on Saturday night. Turkey, potatoes, onions, carrots, and spices all in a little foil wrap. Just toss it on the coals and unwrap to eat! So yummy and easy! 

Macklin loved his new Puddle Jumper floaty. He looked more like he was swimming! 

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