Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts!

1 - The 1st time we had Flynn over to play 
(It was also Flynn's first playdate! We are so honored that it got to be with us!)
We had a great time with our former teaching buddy Will and his family today. They all visited for a mid-morning play date. Will had the day off so he was able to join his wife, Helena, and son, Flynn, as they came over. We hadn't seen them in a while since he no longer teaches with Justin and they live quite a ways away - but this will not be the last play date for our boys! They totally loved each other. Flynn was a true sweetie and loved playing in Macklin's new space in the yard. We even got to have lunch together and the boys ate at their own little table. They did great and it was fun to talk mommy stuff with Helena and catch up with Will. Macklin is really starting to play WITH others instead of NEXT to others. It is really cool to watch. 

2 - Macklin's 1st Sleepover
Cayle's daddy got hurt while biking today so he got to come play with us for the day. We loved having him over and, again, the boys played TOGETHER! Not only did all three boys do a nice job together, but after nap time Macklin and Cayle were totally buddies. We have been going to the pool together for almost 10 months now, but they haven't really played together for that whole 45 minutes ever! Today they were all about it. I think it was nice that there were no time constraints and we just hung out. Justin did a great job on boy-patrol while I took care of Macy when she was awake. The boys both had successful naps in Macklin's room (Mack in the crib and Cayle in the bed) of at least three hours each. And then Justin put them down for the night very successfully! He is a super daddy and the boys were being sweet as pie! What a fun day. (And it was cool, that even amongst all of the travel plans and YL details happening this week, today was the day we had nothing planned. It worked out perfectly!) 

Cayle doesn't look nearly as happy as Mack!

 We love all of the yummy summer time fruit! Great spread Helena! 

 What a sweet little guy! 

 I think this was a hug from Mack! 

 "Hi mom, look at my new friend!"

Here are a few other pictures from Monday and Tuesday. 

Our dear friends, the Winders, came over Monday morning to say hi. They are doing a little Colorado tour as they are on a little break from their Oregon State University ministry with the Navigators. They are fantastic people that we value so much. It is awesome to talk with people who are truly living for the Lord on a daily basis. Their life is challenging to us and I love that! 

When the Winders came over, I made some fancy 4th of July drinks suggested from my friend Shannon. Check out her blog Mommyopolis for lots of great mommy ideas! 

Happy Macy Video
(gotta love the 4th of July outfit...don't worry, she has another one for tomorrow!)

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