Thursday, July 12, 2012

Visit with Grandma

What a super time we had with Grandma on this visit. It was Grandma's idea that brought us to St. Louis this time around and boy are we glad we got to hang out together! We started and ended our week with lots of cookies from Grandma - love them! 

Then, on Monday, we went to the Chesterfield park and pool for the morning. What a great park we got to enjoy (and I find myself being very critical of parks these they suit a two-year-old? how closely do I have to watch? is there shade? etc....mommy brain of mine!)

On Monday night Grandma had her "Meet Macy" party. They are always fun occasions when all of the neighbors and family get to come over and say hey. Here are some of the pictures we snapped. Many great friends and family. Macklin especially liked Samantha Berger (the only other little one that came) - they played all evening and she took his toughness and just dished it right back! 

Macy meets her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Kleekamp! #5 for them

More family pics


Katie and Greg Berger with their new little baby Eloise and 3-year-old Sam

Friends and Neighbors 

One of my favorite parts of the night was after everyone left. Macklin was helping Russ water his flowers (with Jean looking one). Watering flowers turned into watering Macklin and he was so funny! I just thought each of these pictures displayed a different aspect of his funny little personality. 

On Tuesday we took a trip to the St. Louis Zoo - quite possibly the best zoo ever! If you are in STL you have to take advantage of this incredible FREE attraction. Nothing compares. Macklin loves to go and his Grandma has made a point to take him many times already! We didn't go to the lion, giraffe, tiger side this time instead opting for the elephants and hippos. You can only hit so much with a two-year before they get tired. On Grandma's suggestion, we ended our day in the penguin house which was very refreshing. 


The new sea lion section of the St. Louis Zoo (even though you can't see the sea lions). 

Quick Visit with Uncle Kevin and Alex at his house after the Zoo. 

Random Fun at Grandma's 

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