Monday, July 2, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Our Sunday was relaxing after a busy last couple of days. We just played around the house, I had a baby shower to attend, and we had campaigners tonight. 

Macklin is loving his baby sister! Macy is a good sport about all of his rough and tumble play. I help her escape from most of it, but Macklin likes her close! Here they laying in bed together and Mack wanted her covered up! Notice she is sporting her Cardinals gear...Macklin picked that one out! 

Congrats to Bergon on her upcoming baby, Isaac Robert Sharp! We celebrated him today with a shower at Brush Creek Pavillion. It was a fun afternoon. We played a game that I hadn't played at a shower before but enjoyed...How many words can you make out of his name in 3 minutes. I only came up with 16 as my brain stopped thinking, but it was a good one. The winner had 25.

At Campaigners tonight (the last one before heading off to camp next Sunday), we spent some good time praying for our upcoming trip and writing letters to our two high school friends at work crew for the month. Good times.

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