Friday, October 19, 2012

Cell Phone Pics

Here is your chance to get a glimpse into my cell phone photo library! 

Macy rocking one of her cute "new" outfits for the 6 month size! 

Macklin....just scoping out the playground...getting a little chilly at certain times of the day here. 

 A trip to target...Macklin is now figuring out that he would like to look at things at the store, try them on, and then convince me that he "needs" them. I always respond with my favorite, "Macklin, that belongs to the store" line and it normally works. But as he gets into different TV and movie characters, those are harder. "Mom, look, angry birds!" (which is everywhere by the way!) 

Fall in Gypsum. I took this pic on our drop off run up valley road a couple of days back. I dropped the kids off in our truck! 

Macklin helping make the baby food and Macy loving it! 

The scene that Macklin set up last week. Jesus thanks you for the extra protection! :)

Hanging out at the park with Alana's baby boy Logan. They are about the same size. 
And don't worry, Macy isn't pulling off her headbands just yet...this was a one-time grab. Her momma is a happy one still! 

 GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!! One win away from another World Series appearance! 12 in 12? I think so! 

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