Friday, October 5, 2012

EVXC Update

Eagle Valley Cross Country is on a move this year! My teams have been having our most competitive season yet. I always love coaching, but it sure is a ton of fun when we are having more success than normal. My boys are ranked 13th in the state and 2nd in our region. Our girls are in the top four in the region and are fighting to hang onto that ranking to make it to state for the first time this year. We had a lot of talent come into the season and both sides have been pushing hard each week. Of course, we have had our ups and downs, but overall it has been an excellent season. 

Some highlights thus far:
-Boys winning Battle Mountain's meet and girls getting second
-Boys winning our home meet
-Boys getting second at Fruita last week by 2 points and beating out 23 other schools (2A-5A)
-Girls pack running
-Two of my girls beating the old school record (20:09 is the new one to beat)
-22 out of 37 runners PRing last week in Fruita
-Boys placing 3rd against some tough teams in Denver at the Arvada West meet
-Hosting our home meet with 13 teams (grew from 4 teams last year)
-Having a kids race at our home meet, Macklin ran! 
-The JV boys team having enough depth to win two meets already
-New runners that are fast! 
-Lots of new freshmen boys to continue the tradition
-Fun awesome kids all the way around! 

Here are a few pics of our home meet:

Team Tent (bomb shelter)

Starting line at our Eagle Valley XC Invitational

Finish Line at the EVXCI, nice view! 

Senior Day! 

Bigger or Better game at practice 
(notice the dryer that a girl is sitting in!)

Putting all the findings from Bigger or Better in the principals office :)

The HOSS awards! 
(and notice our awesome new shirts for this year) 

We have a race this Saturday, next Thursday and next Saturday. 
Our Regional race is on the 17th and then hopefully I am taking two full teams to state on the 27th.
Watch our Colorado, the Devils are coming! 

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