Monday, October 1, 2012

September in Gypsum

Here are some fun events from the past month. 

Mack at the Skatepark

Dogsitting Henry
We got to watch our friends pup for the weekend a few weeks back. Henry did such a good job playing with Baxter. Not sure if he goes to the river much. He wasn't up for swimming but did manage to get his feet wet! Taking Baxter and the kids to play in the river is a multiple week ordeal for our family! 

Park Days
We have to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and sneak out to the local parks as much as possible. There are SO many parks to go to! You could go to a new one each day and go on for weeks! Major bonus of Eagle County...they got their parks together! Macklin is becoming way more adventerous lately too! I will turn around and he is walking cross the rope ladder/mesh wall thing at 6ft in the air! 

Macy has a new little buddy and his name is Asher...he is a cutie! 

Macklin still loves to play with Cayle. He points out his house every time we drive by his neighborhood. He asks to play with him almost daily so it is awesome when they get to hang! 

Mowing the Yard
Yes, MOWING the GRASS!!! There is enough to mow! Funny thing about this picture is that Jaime posted an identical picture of Jarett and Luca doing the same thing, claiming that Luca was "helping" his daddy. When I looked out our window to this site, I HAD to snap a picture! Good work Mack, make daddy's job even harder ;)

Grass even makes pictures look better! I love my yard! 

Big bro loves his little sis. And, now that she responds more to him, Macklin loves it! 


Mack is still in his water table daily! Even if he has to wear a coat to go freeze his little hands off! 

Winter Hats

Whos says boy clothes aren't cute??? Mack is rocking is DC shoes, his skinny jeans, and his new winter coat from Costco. He is spiffy! 

Tracy Came to Colorado 
What a blast I had with Tracy last weekend when she came into town for her friends wedding in Beaver Creek. We got to chat, catch up, chat with Macy and chill at a park. It was so easy and fun! 

Fall in the Vail Valley
I am sad that we haven't made time to go take a drive around the county. The leaves are almost done changing in the high country, but Gypsum is starting to bleed yellow from the Aspen trees! 

More cute ones of her on the day she had her first bite to eat. 

"Don't forget to take a picture of me Mommy!" 

"Look, no baby sling!"

Mirror Fun Time

Checking out his club house telescope (that totally is gross and you can't even see through it!)

Macy rockin the traditional family chair! 

Our family, as depicted to Justin! 

Never too early to teach a kid to clean up his own mess! 

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