Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moab Weekend

Last weekend, we headed out to Moab for our 2nd annual fall trip! Fall and spring are the best times to hit of the fantastic area of Moab. It is an increible place to visit with an unlimited amount of things to do and explore. I have loved our two trips with babies in the past couple of years even though they are significantly less adventous than some of our previous trips (at least for me :). 

We left after everyone got off of work on Friday. We stoped to grab dinner in Grand Junction and what did we find inside the Chick-Fil-A???? A 15-piece bluegrass band just jamming out! It was a fantastic find! What a surprise to have live music while eating our chicken. 

insert pic here....

As if our weekend could get any better....Macy ate out of a beer can for breakfast! Seriously, she did. You just gotta role with the bunches when you don't bring a little pot to warm her food up with! She was a trooper!  We ended up camping in a valley near the river and had some amazing views. 

We got moving a little more slowly on Saturday morning and then headed out on our bike ride. I got to ride with the group as our friend Haylee took care of the babies, taking them for a ride of their own. I have to say that I had a blast and think I will get back into mountain biking! 

After the ride, it was off to the river for a dip and some cliff jumping. The shady part about this jumping spot was not the deapth of the water, but the return up the cliff! Once you jumped in, you could walk out the base and then back up the cliffs via a skinny trail. Since that was too far, we opted to go right back up the water fall. While this didn't look too scary, it was slippery and turned out to be pretty tough.  The whole crew ended up jumping in (minus Macklin of acourse)

Playing in the water with Daddy. Macklin doesn't seem to be phased by the cold water.

The girls on the trip!

Me jumping in! Notice how Justin is already in the water....I was supposed to go at the same time as a little delayed up there.

Here is the jump and the lower route out.

On Sunday, while the rest of the group was riding the Whole Enchilada, Haylee and I took the kids to the Arches National Park to play in the Sand Dune Arch. I love this place - it is awesome! If you have not been to Arches National Park - you should!


The daredevil that I have for a child! 

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