Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guest in the Neighborhood

Last week we had a guest in the neighborhood. He was only about 2.5 feet tall while walking, was very pleasant, minded his own business, ate some grass, slept in a crab apple tree, and just relaxed....sounds like a nice guest....EXCEPT IT WAS A BEAR!

My neighbor called me over in the morning saying that she though there was a bear behind her fence. I was shocked because I had not heard of the little thing in our neighborhood! They should really post notices about this or something. We couldn't see anything so I went back home. Five minutes later she called me back over and said, YES!, it was a bear! The picture below is of our diagonal back neighbor (we share a property stake but not a property line, if that makes sense). Macklin was so excited to see it. 

The Divison of Wildlife will not relocate the bear unless it is a threat. This little guy wasn't doing anything wrong, but it is still scary to think about. I guess our neighbors aren't cleaning up their trash properly. And, I heard there was a big ole bear around too...good thing I haven't seen that one! 

I haven't seen him since last week though. Hopefully they will find a nice cozy place to rest for the winter, somewhere not near my yard :)

Dark shawdow at the top middle is the bear resting in the tree. 

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