Tuesday, August 20, 2013

End of Summer Update

Macy has finally grown out of her car seat! We purchased a convertible toddle chair for the rest of her car seat days and she has liked it so far! Big brother is also having more fun with Macy as she is able to keep up with him more. 

 We drove up to Edwards to take our little buddy Trevan out for a park date. It was 58 degrees and cloudy and the boys still wanted to play in the spray park. They did a great job and didn't seem to mind the cold at all!

Making a fun to the hardware store to finish our shelving project. Macy really enjoys pushing things around and helping!

I took this picture for Uncle Kevin to show off Macklin's cool shoes! Kevin has been picking out shoes for the kids for a few years now and I personally love it!

I took this picture to send to Mimi and Papa on their Appalachian Trail adventures. They enjoyed getting their card. 

Macklin's new buddy Brooke. They enjoy hanging out together at the parks and in playdates. Our new Young Life leader Karley is Brooke's nanny. 

When you have such cute dresses, you have to take pictures! Thank you Mema! 

Seriously, she is too cute! 

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