Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Yellow Room

When we moved into our home, we had a green guest room and a yellow office. When Macklin came around, we turned the green room into his nursery and then the yellow room became the guest room and office complete with the desk above and bunk beds. When Daniel moved in with us, the guest room became his. When Macklin needed a bed, he got the top bunk bed so that little Macy could take his crib - both in the green room. 

When Daniel moved out, the yellow room became the guest room, office and toy room as. We did not have storage for the toys, so we just put them all around the floor. Last winter break, Justin constructed the Murphy Bed that is the piece of wood on the left in this picture. We got a new desk to maximize space and the toys are still on the floor. 

After doing a little toy inventory, we decided that we had to have something in order to get the toys off the ground. Nothing that we were seeing at the stores was satisfying our needs for this room. Seriously, who has this many toys in one room of a tiny house?

After a lot of thought time, Justin and I constructed our own shelving system for the room to meet the needs of the toys as well as the fact that Daniel was moving back in. I LOVE the final product and am so bummed that we didn't do this sooner! The top bins (and we have added some more to the top of the shelf) are for Daniel and the lower ones are for the kids. I did have to move some of the bigger toys around the house in other places as they did not fit. 

Here is where I got all of the bins and baskets:

Custom Wall Shelving Unit 
Macklin loves his reading nook! 

What happened to the desk you might ask? It got moved to the baby nook! Everyone wants a desk in their bathroom, right? Please pardon the crazy mess. I just put the shower curtain over it and you don't see it! If we get to have another baby, this will have to move again, but it is a great solution right now for a work space for me to plan out my cross country season. 

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