Friday, August 2, 2013

Ozark Vaca - Day 4

Day 4 at the Lake involved renting a boat and eating ice cream...the rest is just details! Seriously, we had a great time on our boating adventure. Macklin went tubing with Justin for a bit. All of the adults on the boat had their time on the tube as well. Macy ate a lot of goldfish. Niko tried to stay upright in his life jacket, and Luca enjoyed watching everything on the lake (except that you can't see garbage trucks from the lake). 


Best Buddies

Jarett driving while Justin is flying behind. Now these guys are true best buddies! 

Here is a little down time after naps...

Kids and parents were rested and it's time for some ice cream in town. Tonight's experience made it very clear that Macy does not need ice cream. As Justin says, "She always ends up screaming." Macy really likes to eat ice cream, but there are two main problems that make her daddy correct. 1. It makes her brain freeze....and she screams. 2. She eats some and wants more. When you say no....she screams. It is a bad situation. So, even though I would love for her to enjoy ice cream like I do, I may have to wait a bit longer before this experience can be enjoyable.

After ice cream, the kids enjoyed making rock piles! 

Some things are not the same...the Happy Fisherman is no longer. 

The view from our condo. 

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