Friday, August 2, 2013

Ozark Vaca - Day 5

Today was our only beautiful, sunny, hot, typical Missouri vacation day - and we took advantage! We headed out to the pool at the lower complex. Jaime made delicious grilled cheese with avocado and bacon sandwiches (seriously?? yes, they were as good at they sound). We played as long as all of the babies would love! While we were there, the Bylers made it into Town! They are coming for just a quick 24 hours of the vacation and we are so excited to have them. After naps, we just hit the other pool and did another round of swimming. It was a perfect vacation day. 


Justin has been doing a great job working on swimming with Macklin this week. We decided to go Puddle-Jumper-LESS (Puddle Jumper is the new flotation device, Coast Guard approved, I highly recommend). We didn't let him wear it and just kept getting him comfortable with water. At one point, he was so comfortable we were getting nervous. But by the end of the week, he was a little fish in the making! 

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