Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ozark Vaca - Day 6


The tradition continues! We have had some fun times with putting the kids in matching outfits. Part of the fun is shopping for something we like enough to buy (as most of us don't just go out and buy precious new outfits all of the time). The other part is walking around in public with mulitple matching kids. It is super cute all the way around. We started this in California in 2010 when we just happen to see shirts that said "Handsom Like Daddy." With four boys there, we decided it would be a fun surprise for our hubbies. Then, at Table Rock in 2011, we rocked out the matching outfits with four boys again. Last year we took a break, but we are proud to bring it back this year. We even got to coordinate an outfit for the beautiful Macy, holding her ground as the only girl on this trip. 

So fun to have so many kids around one tiny table. 
The Bylers let us use this table for the week and it was so handy!

We had another rainy day at the Lake. We were looking for all kinds of things to do and we found this Creationist Museum called CreationXpo. The tag line on the web site says: "Because Truth is What We Need." I have never heard of a creationist museum before. With another day of rain and six rowdy kids, we thought we would give it a try! It is located in Camdenton, so it was a little drive, but totally worth it. There were many hands on toys for the kids and a great message to go with it. The founder just got tired of taking his kids to science museums with no indication of a creator. So, he made it himself. It is super low budget, but totally great. 

Here is the first thing you see when you walk in. I thought it was awesome to have people identify your world view right away! 

Lots of things to watch and play with! Even an outside area complete with rocket launcher, dino dig pit, pinewood derby cars, tunnels, slides, swings, tubes, and a dino set up to shoot water balloons at! A kids play land! 

Macy is making a new friend. 

Back at the house, we had to say goodbye to the Bylers. 
It was so great to have them even for one day. I love this picture! 

We spent the afternoon relaxing, napping, and playing iPad games. 

We had an early dinner and then headed out for a little evening on the strip - playing skeeball and getting chocolates! The Spragues would always do skeeball at the lake so I was very excited. It has moved locations and it is now 25 cents, not 10 cents, but it was super fun to bring the kids.


My new favorite picture of Justin and Macy. 

We couldn't miss out on these shots! 

Late night nacho pile to end the day! We devoured them! 

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