Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ozark Vaca - Day 7

We had to pack up and head out today. We decided to give our old high school buddy Shawn (how did I miss a picture with him???) a call and pay him a visit before we left. He has a lake house in the Four Seasons area and it was perfect for a little lake swim session. Macy didn't care too much for lake swimming. Macklin started to enjoy it after a while (there were no run and jump off the dock moments though). Luca didn't enjoy the paddle boat one bit! And Niko enjoyed a nap on the dock. It was a perfect ending of our week together

Vacation 2013 - We are sad to see you go. We enjoyed it all. We enjoyed our intentional time with the Olivastros the most. Why can't we live next to each other? Just move to CO and I will tell all of the bugs to leave the state, Jaime! Seriously though, we enjoy your friendship more than you will ever know! Thank you! Where to next year? 

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