Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just Like Daddy

Fun Stories of the Night: 
***Macklin butted his head into a team huddle and said..."Hi Dad!"
***From the moment Macy and I sat down across the court from Justin, Macy took one look at him and said, "Hi Daddy" in her sweetest voice while waving at Justin on the bench. 

We have been back and forth on the time we get to spend at EVHS basketball games this year. Some days the kids are able to sit and watch a bit. Others days (most) they have trouble obeying, get distracted with everything going on, and just want to run around through the crowds. I know that showing up supports Justin and helps to continue my relationship with my high school friends, so most game days, we load up and walk over to watch. 

Tonight was one of our best nights yet! Trevor (in blue above) does a great job with Macklin and they even got to sit on the bench. Macy was being sweet. We lasted three quarters...that has got to be a new personal record for us! I will say that C-Team games are much eaiser than varsity games (due to the crowds). The Devils won their game and it was fun to be present for. 

This shirt is a hand-me-down from Justin's closet. Who knew that color block shirts from the 80s/90s would be so IN right now! I think this shirt is sweet and it was one of Justin's favorites as a kid! 

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