Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ski Trips with Macklin

Macklin got to ski twice over winter break after our Missouri adventures. We did one big day with Macklin's buddy Trevan. Trevan has more access to the mountain and had already skied about seven times this season already when we met up with him. He is stopping and turning and tearing up the mountain on his own. Macklin, on the other hand, has no interest in any of those just yet. We did push the limits and he did well though. We took a few magic carpet runs and then went down to the base of the 2-man lift. After that we skied all the way down to Centennial and took the big lift up! They wanted to do lunch on the mountain and Macklin said he wanted to go. So he ended up skiing (with the harness) all the way down Cinch! Great job buddy! After lunch it was tricky to keep the tired boy motivated. He fell alseep on the way down the mountain on the bus and I had to physically carry him from the bus stop back to our car. Note to self - that was hard, don't let him get that tired again! 

A couple of days later, we went up just the two of us and hit up the magic carpets. He worked on his turns, but still no interest in stopping. Just gotta keep it fun and be patient. His new skis will come in the mail soon and we will be able to go any time we can! 

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