Friday, January 3, 2014

Midwest Visits with Friends

IWU Friends
We took a Saturday out of our time in St. Louis to make a day trip to Bloomington to see the Braggs and the Twillers. I had not seen my college friends in nearly two years. There were new babies to meet and laughs to share. It is funny how I feel like we were just in college hanging out and now we have four babies between these three families. There is something about college friends that warms my heart. All of the fun track meets together and dorm room fun. I just wish I could live around these guys on a regular basis! 

Baby Linden

Jane and Macy

Family Stop
After our fun with the Braggs and Twillers, we headed to see my cousin Jenn and her husband Chris and their three girls in Bloomington. We have missed the Sprague gatherings in the last year so it was fun to see them! They have just remodeled their basement and it was a kid-haven! 
Macy, Macklin, and Kiley

Brummers in Effingham
We miss our dear friends in Gypsum, but what a joy it was to see them in Illinois! Macklin still talks of Cayle daily and they write each other notes in the mail. It was great to see their new place and hear about their new lives firsthand. 

STL Friends
We were able to host the annual Sprague Christmas Dinner/Open House at my parents house while we were in town. We love an opportunity to talk to people from high shcool as our group has become more intimate each year. We also had the opportunity to have a pajama breakfast party with the Olivastros the day after.

Mack, Macy, Luca, and Niko

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