Sunday, January 26, 2014

Macy's Sleeping Habits

I probably don't have to do a lot to explain these pictures, especially not to a fellow parent. 

This past week, Macy learned how to take her PJs off after being put to bed. The first few nights, we found her with one arm out of her top (not pictured). Then, like clockwork, it progressed each night to what you see above. After the middle picture, I said, "As long as she doesn't figure out how to take her diaper off, we are good." After our date night, we found her at the final stage (note: she tried to put her PJs back on, ending up with two legs in one side and kinda stuck in her shorts). Thank goodness there was no mess in the bed, just a cute bare bum. As if this is not funny enough in and of itself, she puts her PJs on her changing table, as if she knows where they go. She is such a cutie, but this may get messy at some point! 

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