Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas Recap: Brandts & Schlottachs

Hanging Out with Grandpa and Mema
My new favorite family pic! 

Playing in the back "yard". Macklin could have explored forever! 

Loving time with Grandpa and Mema! 

Mema snuggle time! 

Christmas Eve with Grandpa and Mema

So many fun things to play with! 

Brandt Christmas
Pretty good self portrait of the family :)

Uncle Jim's sweatshirt is for sure a favorite of mine. 

Great picture of Justin and his dad! 

The Tough Crew

This one is awesome! Grandpa, unfortunately, got cut out. But, seriously, how is the Cabbage Patch Kid floating above my head?

Family Group Photos


Schlottach Christmas at the White Mule Winery 

So many great-grandbabies :) and some were missing some too (Macy napped almost all the way through this family gathering. Sad.) 

Uncle Kenny was gifted the infamous bottle of wine (eh...not sure exactly what to call it these days). 

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