Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Macy's Split Toe

Macy beat Macklin to her first set of stitches at 21 months old. She pulled one of Daniel's weights off of our bench in the living room and it smashed her teeny tiny middle tow on her right foot. At first I thought it was going to be just a bad ouchie. Then, when I grabbed her it started bleeding. Not until I rinsed it off did I realize how open it was. We rushed into the doctors office in Eagle to get some stitches while Daniel stayed home with Macklin (oh and we had three other kids over too!). After a little debate over doing the "glue", we finally choose the stitches, for which I am thankful. I think it gave her the best option for healing. She was a trooper through it all (even with 2 hours of crying). Of course it happened right before nap time, so Macy was tired at the doctor's office and definitely did not care for the "soak it out" series of events to get rid of the dried blood. Thankfully the removal process was much better than Macklin's was last year

The initial pic

Right after the stitches were put in. 

Right before we took them out. 

"Look, mommy!" 
A sticker makes everything better! 

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