Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Surprising Grandpa!

Hopefully you were fooled by my post, Grandpa! I said that "I wish we could be with you." …. SURPRISE! Justin and Macy were!!!! Mema helped plan a surprise visit from two of Grandpa's favorite people for his birthday! What fun! Justin was so excited to go see his dad and Macy was a bonus since she still flies free. They enjoyed time with the Brandts and Schlottachs while in town - playing at the house and the winery. Thanks so much to Mema for providing this opportunity. I know Macy and Justin cherish the time with you two! 

Travel Pictures
Macy had a blast traveling. She thought the flight from Eagle to Denver was a fun ride instead of the "worst flight I've ever been on" as quoted by Justin. They were blessed with an open seat next to her in (I think) every leg. Justin said she even slept the whole way from St. Louis to Denver on the way home. Macy also got to visit her Grandma and Papa during transitions to and from Grandpa's house. 

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