Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Epic Snow Storm 2014

It officially happened...Eagle County got enough snow to cancel school! For the second time in 27 years (I have heard a lot of stats, but that was the one I heard the most) and the second time since we have lived in Colorado, school was canceled! Friday was a powder day for all! It only took 25' in a 24 hour period to do it!

Playing in the snow on Thursday. 

The snowman that now greets everyone that walks into the library! 

Thursday night we spent date night shoveling off our roof. There was 23" up there (some from previous snow storms) and by the time we were done, we had another 3" on top and about 5" had accumulated on the driveway that we had already shoveled! 

What happened the next day while I was gone...

You bet I went to the mountain on Friday. This snow report is unheard of! It was so fun that Kari and I hardly took a picture on the day at Vail. We did a quick video of each other but we just focused on enjoying the crazy snow!

Clearly not a pro at skiing the deep stuff yet!

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