Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mimi's Quick Visit

After a long travel day, Mimi finally got here! We thought that she wasn't going to get to come out this winter, but with Justin's last minute trip, she took advantage…and we were so happy to have her! She arrived with Ninja Turtles in hand and Macklin was excited for every minute with her from that point on! 

Sunday was filled with a morning at church, followed by lunch at Northside Cafe where Macklin decided he needed a nap. That left time for Mimi and I to have a couple hours of chat time. Then we ran a few errands and headed up to the mountain for a little skiing and Beaver Creek cookies! 

Macklin was a bit slow to get moving, but he finished on a great note! He was making "pizzas" and stopping on his own. Mimi even got stuck on the gondola with a perfect view of Macklin skiing down below her! I hope he is ready for Papa's visit later in the week. Any time on the mountain always includes a little snow play! 

 Mimi and Macklin with their Starbucks (first time for Macklin to get a Vanilla Steamer..he loved it!) 

Monday was filled with  more adventures. After a lazy morning, we headed to Glenwood for lunch at the Pullman (which was super yummy) and some errands. Then we ventured out to 4 Mile Recreation area near Sunlight Ski Resort. It was a beautiful drive and Macklin got a nap while we traveled. After testing my car through some thick snow, we parked and ventured around on our snowshoes (and without that caused us to sink!). It was a fun day! 

Mom - Thanks so much for making time to come visit! I cherish every moment with you! 

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