Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Recap

Valentine's Day started early with a little play date party earlier in the week. My friend Shannon is always up to something fun for the kids, like this Fruit Loop threading that created a heart! 

The fun continued with a special package from Grandpa and Mema with lots of goodies!

The morning of the 14th started with pink heart-shaped pancakes and strawberry milk! We were blessed with valentines from grandparents and friends (and MOPS) to make our table beautiful! 

This is what happens when Macy sticks chocolates and candy hearts down her PJs and runs around for a bit. Silly mommy for thinking it was cute while she was doing it (and not taking them out!). 

We had a blast at our Valentine's Day date night! One friend bought a group night at auction item at the Young Life banquet last fall. Seven couples were able to get together at The Metropolitian in Beaver Creek. These are some sweet friends from the Wolcott-Avon area that we know through Young Life and such. It is crazy that all of us could get together on one night while leaving 14 babies at their respective homes! We just sat for three and a half hours just chatting. It was so enjoyable. We planned to go skin up the mountain afterwards, but we talked too long! 

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