Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sprague Ski Trip 2014

The Spragues came for a visit!!! My dad brought out my two brothers for their second annual ski trip. My kids were anxiously awaiting their arrival (and their treasure). We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon when they arrived last Thursday. After picking up the groceries together, we started the first of many yummy meals! 

Friday we headed out as early as the crew could move. I took Macklin to ski school while the boys went to grab their gear from the local rental shop. There was not a ton of new snow (more powder came this week, sorry guys)  but that did not halt our fun! We skied as much of Beaver Creek as we possibly could. Friday we did not stop until 3:30pm, postponing lunch until the day was done. Saturday we did take a lunch break, but then realized our tummies were so full we could hardly ski more. 

This time together was Justin's first time on the mountain after his MCL surgery in November. He snowboarded well and did his best not to overdue his knee. It was a bit swollen afterwards, but it took the beating well. 

We enjoyed our chocolate chip cookies and live music after each day of skiing before heading back to relieve my sweet babysitter that was staying with Macy. Macklin was such a trooper during his two days of ski school (additional post needed). 

Highlights from the Ski Days:
-Macklin learning to ski!!!!
-Stalking Macklin while he learned
-Just cruising in Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead
-Tree runs and jumps with Kevin and Justin
-Crashing into Justin and landing in a pile of bushes in the trees
-Hearing more about Kevin's upcoming wedding on the lift rides
-Dad "following" John full speed into the mogul fields (i.e. big crash)
-Justin riding for the first time this year
-Lunch in Spruce Saddle

 Sprague Family Ski Pic

The guys came to church with us on Sunday before heading to the airport. We squeezed into some shade for a picture of us while we weren't in ski gear. 

Little did we know…there would be time for more adventures! Since the plane to Denver was delayed and would have caused them to miss their flight to St. Louis, they had to wait until Monday to fly out. We spent the afternoon hiking up the mountains on the north side of the highway in Gypsum. I call this hill Narnia because the high school soccer team gave it that name. While I have hiked/ran it often, I had never taken the kids up there but they did relatively well (Macklin is not a fan of windy situations…not good for this hike). There was some snow and a lot of mud, but we all managed and it turned into a fun little adventure!  

A few more yummy meals and the Spragues would be on their way. We so appreciate all of the fun that you brought our way. Thanks for be willing to take time out of your work schedules to come play in Colorado. Thanks for engaging with the kids and playing. Thanks for cooking yummy meals and having real conversations. I appreciate my time with you all so much! It means the world to me that we get to have these fun trips together! 

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