Friday, February 28, 2014

Treasure Found

 As soon as Uncle John got into the car with Macklin at the airport, Macklin asked, "Do you have any treasure?" He knew something was coming his way. After they got unpacked (John and Kevin brought one each in their carry on bags! One of them had to open it up at the security check, and then they didn't bother with the second one ;), John hid the chest so that Macklin could go search. Check out the hunt!

The rest of the weekend and to this point (a week later), Macklin has enjoyed his pirate treasure! The hooks have provided a great villain and the little rubber rat has slept in his bed more than once. 

John made these chests completely himself. He is such a skilled wood-worker. Who would have known that when he made that sweet table in middle school shop class, that he would be able to create awesome things this like for my kids (early birthday) gifts. So grateful for your willingness to share your talents with my kids! 

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