Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Favorite Things Birthday Party

The Invite: 
For Macy's first birthday party, I had to come up with something that would celebrate her while still managing to have a combined party with her big brother Macklin (for his 3rd birthday). When I found this invite on Etsy by LemonadeDesisgnStudio, I knew I had found my theme! Just pick nine things that you love and it becomes a party! I had been thinking about doing an Obstacle Course party for Macklin, and now I could combine things that Macy enjoyed too and keep it in the yard! We choose the following things (as seen on the invite): running, flashlights, bubbles, chalk, hot dogs, obstacle courses, blueberries, lemonade, and our guests!

Goodie Bags:
My sweet in laws had given us some flashlights from their bank. What kid doesn't like a flashlight? I thought it would be a great party favor, hence it's inclusion on our invite! We also included some bubbles and packaged them into a standard paper bag (trimmed down). I love this label punch that I bought a couple of years back. So easy! 

Play Stations:
We had a few different areas to play: chalk, bubbles, and the water table.


Obstacle Course:
I was excited to in list the help of my husband in this process. Together we were able to come up with some sweet obstacles that were doable for 3-6 year old children. We ran yellow caution tape through the whole course so it would be easy to follow. 
Obstacles included a spiderweb, balloon tunnel (takes way more balloons than you think), ladder ramp, Little Tykes play set up to the big swing set and down the slide, rope swing (by far the favorite), zig-zag through the cones, ladder run, and finish through the streamers. 


Other Decor:


We used the hot tub as a counter top and it worked quite nicely. 

The Yard:
I was so happy with how green our yard turned out for the gathering. It was really our first big gathering of 2013 and an opportunity to show off all of my husband's hard work. We are so grateful for the space that we have! 

We were so excited to share this special day with our friends and with Grandma and Aunt Beth. It wouldn't be a party without them! 

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