Thursday, January 17, 2013

Basketball this Winter

We have enjoyed our fair share of basketball this winter, just the way Justin prefers it! 

EVHS - C Team
Justin is the C-Team coach this year (a change from his status as a volunteer varsity assistant from last season). His team is definitely getting better, but that isn't always helping them win games :( He does have some great boys on the team though (including one of my xc runners!). We have been able to go to most of the games. Macklin is more and more interested in the actual game and watching the boys. If we go late (arrive some time in the 2nd quarter), we can normally watch the rest of the game in the gym! Huge improvement over what he would let me do last season. Also, it is fun for me to start to get to know the parents of Justin's players as well. 


Justin's Rec League Team 
Justin plays with the guys from Eagle Bible Church in a rec league on Tuesday nights (when he doesn't have games himself). He got to play last night and they won on a last second shot by our buddy Heath! It was a fun game to watch (as Macklin played with the other kiddos) and so awesome that his team his the game winner at the buzzer! Sine I was one of the only fans there, I was super pumped and wanted to jump up and down! Everyone else was stunned or not paying attention. Most of the guys are the same as last year, except they picked up our friend Caleb who is new to EBC. He is young and quick and adds good energy to the team! 

Macklin's Future Career
Mack, Macy and I went to play at the EVHS gym on Sunday when Justin went back to school to work for a bit. Since it has been so cold outside, we just decided to play inside a place with more room to run. We made up games with trash cans and balls. We "shot" baskets (of course they are way too tall for Mack). Next time I think I will bring Macklin's hoop (or maybe just look for one at the Thrifty Shop). Macy just crawled around and chased the HexBug everywhere. For the record, I made 7/10 free throws....that didn't even happen in high school! 

He is looking older and older! 

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