Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hawaii - Four Winds

Before we went to Hawaii, we checked out books that were about the beach and Hawaii. One was Froggy Goes to Hawaii. It is a cute little book and Froggy gets to go to the beach, surf, snorkel, go to a luau, and play with his family - literally everything we did while we were there! 

Well, Macklin has been saying, "I want to go back to Hawaii" lately since I have fun up a few Hawaii pics. He also asked for this book again while we were at the library last week. As we were reading through it again and I was thinking about our awesome trip, we came across this page....
We did our snorkel trip on the FOUR WINDS boat! 
Can you believe it?  
The Spragues and Froggy were in the same place! Crazy that! 

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