Friday, January 18, 2013

Putting Away Christmas

Only 2.5 weeks after coming back home, we have Christmas put away! We were so blessed from our friends and families that we had to do a little cleaning to make room for things! You can tell from the above pictures that we brought a lot of things back (and no, we didn't get a lot of eggs for Christmas, just good boxes)! On the way there, Baxter totally had a spacious back of truck, promise! 

It was hard to put things away because every time that I tried to sort, de-clutter, and put away, Macklin would always want to play with it all! 

New bath paint! 

The BeardHead hat that Uncle Kevin got for Macklin fits Macy pretty good! 

Macy's New House 

Macy's New Wardrobe! Lots of animal prints! 

Check out the new play room! We are changing the "guest room" into more of a play room. I have really enjoyed the new status of this room. It is now bed free (soon to be changing again though). There is so much floor space to play in now and all of the toys have a home! I was so excited to get this done! 

I ended my Christmas organizing with a high five from my sweet husband. 
Gypsum ends their Christmas celebration by burning everyone's trees in a HUGE bonfire! This picture was from just behind the Stop N Save. It was a fun 12th Night festivity that we have been missing out on the past 5 years in Gypsum. Macklin thought it was cool to watch the firemen work! 

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