Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Macklin's ABCs

I have started to go through all of the letters in the alphabet with Macklin, one each day when we can. I think we started two weeks ago and we are only on E if that tells you how quickly we are moving. I wanted to brag about his progress in his letter writing! He has got the A down the best, "up down cross" he calls it. B is tough. C looks like a G. D is alright. There are two As and two Ds up there in case you were wondering.

We do this right after Macy goes down for her morning nap so that it is just me and Macklin. The first few days he was really excited, but sometimes he is totally not interested at all....then we wrestle instead. We do the letter itself written out, its sound with the LeapFrog song, draw pics of words with that letter, and then make a flash card of it to hang on the wall. (No making fun of my elephant...Macklin wanted it to be happy.) He can recognize some of the letters better than before, but it is for sure not happening as fast as I was thinking it would!

On another note, he learned how to hold up two fingers using his index and middle finger....good thing he is almost 3 :) It is so cute, he looks so surprised every time he holds it up, like "oh my gosh, it is there!" 

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