Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Macy - 9 Month

She went for her check up today and here were her stats: 
Height/Length: 26.5in (15-20%tile)
Head: 16in
Weight: 14lb6oz (5-10%tile)

Those numbers put her back on the charts! At 6 months she was "under 5%tile" in the weight...meaning very tiny. I am happy about our decision to do formula and feel as though she is much happier and growing at a better pace. Since I lost my PhotoShop with my old computer, no fancy tags, but here are the pics (and one from the doctors visit). 

Previous pictures (some may have never posted before): 

I just realized no 6 month pic was taken...I might cry!
Just another reminder that I am not perfect and I need Jesus :)

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