Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Eve

What do you do for New Years when you have little ones? Take them to play at McDonalds play land and then take them home to sleep at their grandparents homes while the adults go out to dinner - doesn't everyone do this? 

We had plans to hang out with Jarrett and Jaime for New Years in St. Louis. After an afternoon of late naps, our hang out plans got altered and McDonalds did the trick for this cold and yucky afternoon. Jarett's mom and my parents let the babies sleep at their houses so that we could go out. We headed out to Circle 7 Ranch in Ballwin, MO. It is a unique place that has taps of beer at your table and they charge you by the ounce. It was a cool idea and no waiting for your server to come back! Then we headed out to a friends house to play some Settlers of Catan (we got Jarett hooked on it after our Longmont trip this summer and now he has taught all of his buddies) and ring in the new year. 

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