Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BC Snowshoe Race - Jan

January 6th was the first snowshoe race of the season for the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series. I love this series because it is a sweet mix of social and competitive. There are a ton of fun people that compete, including a handful of my athletes! This year I think it is going to be easiest for Justin to stay home with the kids while I go enjoy the morning. Even though I race for like 30-40 minutes, the morning goes from 9:15am when I leave until 2pm when I get home after the lunch and raffle. 

Our first race went well for me. I won by over two minutes in the 5k. I run the 5k even though there is a 10k race as well. I just like the short distances and don't feel stressed about it. I want to keep these fun and enjoy racing. Competing really is a blast for me. 

Some of my athletes! 

Nikki finishing 

Carson ran the 10k! 

The awards were kinda strange this go around (I already talked to the race director to gain some understanding). I put myself in a PRO category. I am not a professional, clearly, I just picked that category since I win most of these. Well, it really meant PRO. So, I was the only runner in the 5k to do that, hence me on the podium alone :( Also, they wanted to "honor" the amateurs at this race and gave all of the amateur winners brand new snowshoes! I have totally been wanting to win some new snowshoes for 5 years and I beat the girl by a ton! All my mistake based on a dumb box check. Silly me. I am happy for my friend Amy who came in second and got the new gear! 

Here are the #2-4 girls (Nikki on the right) in the Amateur category. We will all be amateurs next time :)

Boys #1-3 including one of my high school runners on the left. 

You can't be mad about a day when you and your buddy go home with hardware! 

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